Keesler Air Force Base Prohibited Items List

All items and persons entering Keesler Air Force Base are subject to search by gate security personnel. Security personnel will confiscate all prohibited items and they will not be returned to the individual.

 Prohibited Items

  1. Unmanned Aircraft Systems – aka Drones
  2. Bicycle Coolers
  3. Backpacks
  4. Large Purses and Tote Bags
  5. Large camera bags
  6. Skateboards
  7. Scooters
  8. Hover boards
  9. Firearms
  10. Edged Weapons – ex. Knives, P38 can openers or sharp tools
  11. Pets
  12. Alcohol
  13. Glass
  14. Umbrellas or popup tents

Permitted Items

  1. Small purses
  2. Small diaper bags (formula/breastmilk and cold packs are authorized)
  3. Camera, video cameras, phones
  4. Folding chairs – have the chair out of the bag when you reach security
  5. Strollers and wagons

Since there is no admission fee to the event, the public may come and go as they please to vehicles to retrieve any items they may need (i.e. more diapers, water, chairs, etc.)